Team audit

You might be sponsoring team’s efforts to expand their awareness about them. Your next goal might be to provoke a candid discussion about how they could be working together more effectively. Or you might be having a detailed overview about the current team culture and you could be considering challenging the team to draft an action plan for moving towards their desired vision. These are all bold intentions of a mature team, yet the team might need to have an unbiased partner for their journey.
We can create and deliver for you a long-term initiative, which key objectives will be to:
  • Create an environment that would provoke the team members to be themselves and act as they would naturally do when working together;
  • Invite them to take an observer’s position and reflect on their experience of dealing with each other, thus taking stock from it;
  • Facilitate a collective effort towards defining a shared vision about the ideal team culture;
  • Provoke the team members to reflect on how they might support or hinder the fulfillment of 
the ideal team culture;
  • Let the team members take ownership of what they might be willing to take as further steps 
to improve the quality of their interactions.
To support the team in this initiative we will be relying on the:
  • Thomas International Team Audit Analysis
  • Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Solution-focused team coaching sessions
The result of this initiative will be:
  • Shared understanding and culture of working together as “one” towards a shared goal;
  • Effective cooperation between the team members where each will be able to do both -
contribute to his best, and adapt to others’ personalities;
  • Alignment of each team member’s values and those of the team that will allow the 
individuals to fulfill their potential and act in coherence with who they are.