Climate survey

Research shows that business performance can be affected as much as 30% depending only on the organizational climate (source: Werhane, Royal, 2009). Climate analysis is an important tool to measure the satisfaction of people working in an organization.
At the same time, it can be a powerful way to engage them because the survey is also perceived as a sign of attention and interest by the management. Hence, it is crucial to design all of the communication around the initiative with great care. The climate analysis consequently also triggers a call to action: the survey includes suggestions as regards the direction or sphere of change.

We carry out climate analysis based on different approaches:


We structure questionnaires based on a precise conceptual framework, which ensures an immediate
and effective analysis of the core elements of the organizational climate, without missing the opportunity
of offering a high level of customization.

The survey is conducted on a proprietary web platform (SurveyLab), totally run by OD&M. The online administration of questionnaires means that the questionnaire can easily be accessed from one’s PC,
while the generation of burning passwords ensures anonymity and univocal participation.
Whenever necessary, we can replace or integrate the web-based survey with hard copy questionnaires,
to reach staff working without an online connection.


We carry out in-depth interviews and focus groups using the SWOT methodology, in order to:
  • detect aspects of the “internal climate” that are especially critical for people
  • enhance elements perceived as “excellent”
  • identify consequent actions geared to minimizing the negative impact physiologically implied by change and to enhance any positive impact
  • give priority to viable action (in terms of organization, communication etc.) based on the change phase experienced
  • thoroughly investigate critical areas emerging from a first quantitative survey and gather suggestions to define an optimization action