Professional model

GPS - Global Professional System

GPS is a methodology designed to analyse and classify roles within an organization.
GPS offers human resource directors and companies an effective solution to design and implement
a professional profile management system that can be adjusted to the evolutive direction taken by the business organization.
It provides managers with a shared reference scenario which clearly identifies the relationships between role, performance and compensation and points out opportunities for professional and compensation growth to people.

Possible applications

COMMUNICATION AND SHARING: to enable sharing of corporate policies 
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: to clarify role-related expectations and define the key performance management elements
REWARD MANAGEMENT: to formulate reward policies inspired by principles of internal equity and benchmarking against the market 
COMPENSATION BENCHMARK: to enable benchmarking against the external market
CAREER PATHS: to point out and manage possible career paths 
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: to clarify professional development drivers 
CLARITY WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION: to create criteria for the analysis and interpretation of the organization and the various roles within it 
MANAGERIAL APPROACH: to provide a management tool for human resource managers

Competitive differential

Solid foundation

Easy tu use


It stems from consolidated experience in the critical and pondered application of the main classification methods It is global and applicable to all national contexts and situations It is a tool for the management and not only for experts
It is a framework supporting the joint governance of several HR processes, useful to deal with different HR issues, not just compensation It is flexible, as it can interpret specific business situations and leverage the different professional profiles within the organization It is comparable with the main existing classification methods
It is up-to-date, thanks to its modern view of organizations It is intuitive and can be applied immediately It is hinged on the largest Italian compensation database

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