Performance Management

The excellence lever for people management

Performance management is an essential factor in driving your corporate decision-making for people and about people.  Companies seek to establish an ever more accurate management of individual performances that will enable them to increase the organisation’s ability to reach its objectives.
The HR function within your organisation plays a key role in:
  • Defining the most suitable Performance Management system for the company


  • Implementing Performance Management system


  • Developing a communication plan to facilitate the understanding of the strategies and Performance Management mechanisms


  • Identifying practical and user-friendly tools to manage the whole process.
In order to reach your business objectives, we can help you design the most suitable Performance Management system for your organisation, based on the performance definition presented below:


Once the right system is defined, we will help you implement it in your organisation, design appropriate internal communication and provide training for the staff involved.


I&PM – The process management solution

OD&M has developed the I&PM – Incentive and Performance Management Solution
I&PM is a web-based application designed to offer companies a solution to speed up their Performance Management process while at the same time making it more effective. It stems from the deep-rooted belief that a combination of system-design expertise and solutions that support the implementation of the Performance Management system ensures added value for our clients.
  • An effective and efficient solution to manage performance assessment systems and impact variable compensation.


  • A user-friendly tool to manage your staff’s performance and to supervise their area of work, while leaving the ownership and monitoring of the process to the HR function.



For more information, click here to download the I&PM brochure.

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