2019 Serbia CORE Compensation Research results are published

OD&M Consulting is proud to announce that the 2019 CORE Compensation Research results for Serbia are published.


CORE Compensation Research is a reliable source for compensation data essential for understanding local market remuneration trends and building a consistent pay strategy, which ensures external competitiveness and internal equity.

We are proud to reveal that 98 international and local companies have participated in 2019 CORE Compensation Research for Serbian market and we are able to offer high quality data for more than 700 positions spreading over different sectors and we published statistics for:


  • 351 positions from general OD&M Consulting Job Matching Booklet
  • 318 banking specific positions
  • 73 High Tech specific positions

For more detailed information about 2019 CORE Compensation survey participants please see bellow:

2019 CORE Compensation Research - List of participants

Our precise data collection and validation processes, coupled with the depth of our database, guarantee the delivery of high-quality data and a reliable reporting system.

Upon your request, it will be our pleasure to provide you with more detailed information and explanations related to CORE Compensation Research results.



For more information, please contact:



  • Ksenija Rakić - ksenija.rakic@odmconsulting.com
  • Hristina Pešić - hristina.pesic@gigroup.com


CORE Compensation Research Brochure - download here