Personal effectiveness

Do you sometimes feel that you would like to be in a more resourceful state? Are you getting feedback that there is more that you could do in order to communicate effectively, handle conflicts or present with impact? Are you interested in developing creative strategies for managing stress, time and priorities? How about your success in facilitating meetings and running training courses?
We can support you in every of the above mentioned areas if you want to make a change and further develop your capabilities. We can match even the highest expectations since our experience and know-how are there for you. Together with our strategic partner TMI and based on our consultants expertise in Transactional Analysis, NLP and solution-focused coaching we can provide a wide range of development solutions.
You can benefit from our practical training programs on:
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Train the Trainer
  • Effective Communication
  • Assertive Communication
  • The Time Manager® (TMI program)
  • Emotional Intelligence (TMI program)
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Effective Meeting Running
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Creative and Visual Thinking
In addition, you can benefit from the assessment tools, as well as from the coaching services that are part of our portfolio in these fields. Thus, you will be guaranteed all the needed support in overcoming the challenges and turning these into fruitful opportunities.
As an end result of our cooperation you will get a full of practice and enjoyment development experience, team shared goal for further development, strong personal motivation to advance and self-initiated action
plan for moving forward. Last but not least, you will get the great benefit of being on the same wavelength
with everybody who took part in the development process.
We are here for you!