Individual coaching

Coaching is a powerful process for assisting individuals to maximize their potential and achieve what matters to them.
When supporting our clients as coaches we focus on exploring their agenda, identifying their goals and challenging them to create strategies that will take them forward. We trust their inner wisdom and we make it possible for them to make changes at their own pace. We hold them accountable to themselves about the progress they are making. We encourage them to build confidence and stay authentic in the business world.
Coaching clients are offered an in-take meeting during which our coaches clarify their expectations, agenda and objectives. We discuss the format of the coaching relationship and agree on the framework for tracking clients’ progress. We continuo with a series of coaching sessions which provide time and thinking space to the clients to make discoveries, get insights and advance to their goals.
Our coaches have graduated from prestigious international coaching schools whose curriculums are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We are fully devoted to the ethics and the principles of the coaching profession.
For more information on the individual coaching packages we offer, please contact our local office.