Building coaching culture

We share our clients’ commitment to growth and success by supporting them in nourishing a solution-focused culture in their organizations. We do that by assisting them in establishing structures and nurturing practices aimed at integrating the outcome-framed coaching conversations into their corporate life.
We share our clients’ goals to:
  • Uplift the quality of their managers’ communication
  • Shift the focus of their conversations from problems to opportunities
  • Equip the executives with skills and attitude that will make it possible for them to empower and enthuse others
  • Increase the self-awareness and initiative of the people at all levels in the company
  • Forward actions to achieving the key objectives of the individuals, team and the company as a whole
We do this through:
  • Providing time, space and structure for the top management to develop and employ coaching as an approach to communication, goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution and motivation.
  • Individual coaching relationship with each top manager so that he/she can focus on maximizing his/her performance as a manager and coach.
  • Workshops for middle management on mastering key coaching skills and competencies so that they can build confidence in applying coaching when managing individuals and teams.
  • Building a strong brand for coaching and communicating it widely in the organization so that people expand their awareness of the benefit to them
We constantly get feedback from clients for the results of these activities, more specifically:
  • Improved communication between the managers as well as in their teams
  • Focus on outcome-driven conversations that visibly boost performance
  • Stronger involvement of team members in generating ideas and making decisions
  • Role-models in the organization who gain people buy-in to coaching