Our team

Bisera Gajic

Managing Director Gi Group companies

Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro


Bisera is an experienced consultant and manager with over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing a full range of HR solutions for various international and local companies operating in different industry sectors. During her career in Gi Group, one of the leading international HR consultancy companies dedicated to the development of the employment market, she was a Business Manager of various business lines starting from Recruitment & Selection, HR Consulting and Training & Development.

Since January 2018, she holds the position of Gi Group Managing Director for Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Being passionate about the HR profession and having strong market knowledge, she is building and maintaining influential relationships with business leaders and managers working closely with them to co-develop innovative and custom-made solutions to meet their business needs and challenges.

During her career in Gi Group, Bisera has developed and executed various HR consulting projects locally and regionally. She is seasoned HR expert specialized in job evaluation projects, pay structure design, labor policies and procedures design and implementation. She managed various projects on remuneration strategy design for major companies on the Serbian market.

Bisera has worked with major international as well as largest local companies and her client portfolio includes: Carlsberg, Delta Holding, Ball Packaging, IDEA, Sberbank, Societe Generale Srbija, Actavis, Nestle, Bambi, UNIQA Insurance, Goodyear, Smith Micro Software, Telesign, Knjaz Milos, Imlek and many others.



Marina Delic

Head of Learning & Development in
Gi Group Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia


Marina is a certified TACK & TMI (www.tacktmiglobal.com) master trainer and facilitator of group processes. In her ten-year consulting experience, her focus is on designing programs that support people development by focusing on the real business context and goals of the company, and delivering development projects with extended learning effects and behavioral changes.

She is specialized in topics of interpersonal relations and system relations within organizations, Influencing, Development of mentoring skills of managers, Innovative business and Planning.

Her portfolio consists of over 500 training sessions, from training program of above mentioned areas, to specificly designed sessions aimed at team-solving problems, innovative thinking and medium-term planning. Some of the clients with whom it worked: Coca Cola Hellenic, Nestle, Telenor, FIAT, Air Serbia, PharmaSwiss, Actavis, Raiffeisen bank, Panasonic, Fresenius Medical Care, Dr. Oetker, Pfizer, Grundfos ...

In addition to engaging as a consultant and facilitator, Marina's current position is Head of Learning & Development in GI group Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. In this role, he is passionate about the development of a team of coaches with whom he works together to offer competitive tweets in these markets.


Olga Svoboda

International Solutions Director



During these years, Olga has cooperated with a number of national and international companies operating in different industry sectors. She brings renewed enthusiasm and energy and employs her considerable knowledge of human resources, interviewing and recruiting, business management, leadership and talent management to ensure the success of every new project.


With the innovative solutions Olga has developed and implemented, the clients received that all important support that they believe has led to achieving their company results.


Olga’s training experience spans regionally, from Serbia to Bulgaria, Hungary and Montenegro. Her portfolio includes companies like Carlsberg, Telenor, Delta M, Philip Morris International, BDF, Ball Packaging, Victoria Group, Droga Kolinska Group, InBev, Pexim, Siemens, Banca Intesa, VIP, Actavis, NovoNordisk, Lafarge, IKEA and many other national and international companies.


A comprehensive experience she has gained while studying and working in the USA and Hungary is now a strong tool in working with people and managing diversity. Olga has successfully served as managing director of Consulteam Serbia since 2002.


She actively participates in design and delivery of trainings and strategy workshops for middle and senior managers in the areas of change management, goal setting and performance management, innovations and improvement of business and business communication.

Nelica Bogunović

Senior HR Consultant


Nelica has joined us in November 2008 and currently holds the position of Senior HR Consultant. Prior to this, she held a position of Human Capital Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgrade for one and a half years. At the time she was involved in organizing and conducting in-house recruitment, including mass recruitment projects.


Today Nelica has the expertise in:


  • Managing recruitment and selection projects for executive and middle-level managerial positions, as well as senior and junior positions in various industries
  • Managing outplacement projects
  • Managing 360 Panoramic Feedback projects
  • Designing and conducting assessment and development projects
  • Assisting clients in defining competencies to be assessed and selecting assessment tools (psychological tests and exercises)
  • Providing individual coaching feedback sessions
  • Delivering Thomas International Certification training


Nelica holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Belgrade. She is trained in conducting structured psychological interviews, administering psychological tests, performing psychological assessment and profiling candidates. She is a certified trainer for Thomas International tools and a holder of Advanced Certificate in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy.


Referent clients:
Actavis, Apatinska brewery, Atlantic Group, Ball Packaging, Carmeuse, CCHBC, Chep, Delta Generali, Droga Kolinska, Ericsson, Falke, FAS, Heineken, Henkel, Holcim, Ikea, Inditex, Leoni, Novo Nordisk, NIS, PepsiCo, Philip Morris International, Siemens, Sitel, Sony, Telenor

Veselin Vasiljkovic

Senior HR Consultant
Veselin is recognized in the market as a referent consultant for Cultural Change projects and Teamship and Problem Solving programs, while implementing innovative and practical solutions fully focused on Client’s needs. Veselin is successfully utilizing interdisciplinary knowledge and intelligence from different fields of art and technology.
His projects are blend of unique programs and initiatives since they are all carefully designed to address company’s specific needs, plans and strategies. Specific corporate values are well crafted in the methods and approaches he uses. Veselin works usually with different size groups from 7 to large groups of 300 people and as part of the larger company initiatives. In his programs Veselin uses variety of means such as visual art, music, theatre, dance, crafting allowing individuals to fully engage and be open for a new experience.
Veselin has experience of constructing solutions designing and delivering trainings, workshops, incorporating experiential learning initiatives on a variety of management team and personal development topics
With more than 8 years of experience at Gi Group Serbia, Veselin is specialized in working through various methods and with different levels in the organization from strategic workshops for senior leaders, a variety of trainings for the middle and line management teams, experiential learning activities and team building for all of the employees. A strong developed long term relationship with his clients and coaching background has helped him to successfully manage client needs and create tailor made solutions.


Hristina Pešić

 Senior HR Consultant


Hristina joined Gi Group in November 2011 as a Consultant in recruitment and selection department, and she was also engaged in Outplacement and Assessment projects. In 2015 Hristina continued her career in IT Company Mera Software Service as a HR specialist and after that in Robert Bosch d.o.o. as HR Business Partner. She is also involved in recruitment and selection projects.


Recently, in May 2018 she has rejoined HR Group HR solutions and today she is managing projects such as Outplacement, 360 Panoramic Feedback and is involved in designing and conducting assessment and development projects.


Hristina holds Master degree in Psychology from the University of Belgrade. She is trained in conducting structured psychological interviews, administering psychological tests, performing psychological assessment and profiling candidates. She is a certified trainer for Thomas International tools.

Ksenija Rakić

 HR Consultant



Ksenija joined Gi Group team in 2016. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked on various research projects that she now applies in the field human resources. She worked on projects that dealt with market and marketing research, and then began to engage in applied sociological research within the non-governmental sector.



Ksenija works as an HR consultant on projects of Compensation and benefits researches, conducting job evaluation and various HR surveys. She began her career in Ipsos Strategic Marketing on the data-collection and data - processing, and then she continued her engagement in the ThinkThank organization SeConS where she gained valuable experience in various applied sociological research.


Ksenija specializes in conducting various types of research, starting with the creation of diverse methodologies and instruments, the organization of the process of data collection, the implementation of the Focus Group Discussions, and various workshops, analyze big database and write reports according to the needs of clients.


Her portfolio includes research conducted for the needs of the EU, UNDP Serbia, UNICEF, UNHCR, USAID-ISC, Un Women, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, the Ministry of Labor, Veterans Affairs and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, etc.


Ksenija graduated in sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She is trained to carry out quantitative and qualitative research. He fluently speaks English.


Eva Velimirović

 Senior HR Consultant


Eva Velimirovic is a psychologist with 15 years of experience in working with people. She has worked in several renowned companies from various industries and gained significant experience in leadership positions in human resources. Since 2013 she has been working as an independent consultant and trainer.

As an associate of Gi Group, she leads and develops trainings from the domain of her professional knowledge and professional experience, such as: Emotional Intelligent Leadership, Personal Efficiency / Time Management, Stress Management, Leadership and Leadership Development, Skilled Presentations, Human Quality, Training for Internal trainers, etc.

Eva combines her knowledge and experience with expressive flexibility with the need to adapt relevant contemporary theoretical models to the context of different business environments and the specific needs of each participant. She is a PhD student at the Department of Organizational Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and a participant of RE & KBT education in psychotherapy at the REBT Associate Center of the Albert Elis Institute in New York.

Eldar Banjica

Senior Trainer


Eldar graduated from the Technical University of Budapest and has a 10 year experience in IT, professional services and customer relationship management. One of the highlights of his international career was managing the sales team of 52 people, responsible for Platinum account customers in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, for Avaya company (one of Forbes 100 companies, with roots in Lucent Technologies and AT&T).  


Eldar is now the managing director of Geomant company that has, in a short period of time, become a leading telecommunication provider in the region. He is a co-founder of Algotech, company integrating telecommunication systems in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Trizma, call centre outsourcing company. 
Eldar is a certified TACK International trainer. He has developed various programs in the areas of business development, negotiations and key client management for companies including DHL, Adria Media, Telecom, British American Tobacco, Telenor, Delta Generali, Coca Cola HBC and many others.

Vladimir Borovnica

Certified psychotherapist, a trainer and a coach

A certified psychotherapist from 2005, Vladimir is employed at the KBC Dedinje, Institute of Psychiatry, specializing in psych diagnostics, group and family psychotherapy. 


He is employing his extensive knowledge and experience in the area of systemic and family therapy, Gestalt therapy and projective techniques both at the clinic and in the business environment. 
The training Vladimir has designed based on these concepts and named »From a position to the goal« has been attended by more than 120 middle and senior managers who then used this experience when introducing major changes in their businesses.  
Vladimir is also involved in providing consulting and coaching services for corporate clients who recognized his approach as a highly efficient one when working on goal setting and problem solving within the team. 

Murat Ozbilen

PMP, Senior Partner


Murat is a Senior partner in Business Management Consultants (BMC) Turkey and a Managing Director for Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa division of BMC. 


With his several years of experience as a consultant in Accenture (previously Andersen Consulting) and a Managing Director in Turkish IBM Consulting Group, Murat is just the right person to help understand the development, planning and management of business systems projects.   
Murat has worked as a management and IT consultant for more than 20 years. He has graduated from Polytechnic university in the USA with a BS in Industrial and manufacturing engineering and continued his postgraduate studies in the USA, UK and the Netherlands. He is now holding trainings for senior project managers.
Some of Murat’s regular clients are Amazon.com, Andersen Consulting, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Compaq, Coca Cola HBC, Euro Control, Exxon, Falconbridge, Intrasoft, Levis, Manpower, Microsoft, Mobil, Nestle, Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, Shell and Tetra Pak. When it comes to Serbian market, Murat has delivered in-house trainings for Carlsberg, Banca Intesa, Telenor, InBev, Japan Tobacco International and Coca Cola HBC.

Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova

Coach, Trainer and an HR Consultant


Vesselka is a coach, trainer, consultant and NLP Master practitioner. Her first job was in the people development field back in 1995. Then, she followed a career in consulting, coaching, business development and people management. She has obtained breadth of skills and knowledge in leadership, individual and team coaching, powerful communication and influencing, as well as in the area of sales and key account development.

Vesselka has been managing individuals and teams since 2000 and she has been in charge of multiple brands launching in South-East European countries. Vesselka is passionate about supporting senior managers and talents to release their creativity and achieve tangible results.

Vesselka holds an MBA Degree from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Sofia University. She has been trained as NLP Master Practitioner in ITS, London. She is trained as a coach by ITS, London and Erickson College in programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Currently, she is delivering a Coaching certification program by Aligned Action International which is a comprehensive coach training program that possesses the highest level of accreditation by the world’s largest professional coaches community – the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The unique blend of Vesselka’s business expertise and her comprehensive education and practice in supporting individuals to grow make her a valuable business partner for client companies.

Viktor Haimov

Senior Trainer, Coach and a Consultant


Viktor has over 22 years experience in designing, developing and delivering great client solutions.

Victor has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and is a post-graduate student in “Social Psychology and Education” from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has been schooled at the Leatid European program in Hungary, UK, Greece and Switzerland., the Buncher Leadership Program. He recently graduated a certification class on Coaching with the California Coaching Institute (ICF accredited). He is a certified expert for the Thomas International psychometric analysis system.


Viktor has 10 years of experience in managing teams of various sizes and locations. As an individual he is very result-oriented, emotionally aware and willing to learn.
Viktor has experience in a variety of leadership, management and personal development topics including:

  • Coaching or “Quiet Leadership”
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Leading with Integrity: wholesome leadership
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Transforming Teams and Organizational Cultures
  • Presentation, Training and Facilitation skills
  • Assertiveness for Building Partnerships


For the past ten years he has been constantly developing and executing seminars, long term programs and in house corporate trainings for skill development, HR management, customer service, communication and interpersonal skills, sales and presentation skills, etc. His trainings are a bright mixture of the Experiential Learning principles, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the contemporary management and psychological models and practices.



Jelena Petrov Jelenkovic

Master Coach, Trainer & HR Consultant


Jelena is a psychologist and one of the pioneer in the coaching profession in Serbia. Since 2009. she holds

the European licenses for coaching - Master Management Executive Coach and Master HR Consultant given

by European Coaching Association (ECA).

Jelena started her career as a Human Capital Manager in company for financial consulting. Later, working

for HR consulting and training company "ProConsulting". Since 2008. she acts as a independent consultant primarily in management coaching.


She is one of the most experienced coaches on the market with more than 2.000 hours of paid coaching practice. In that field she has been working on the developmental projects for companies SIM d.o.o., Textil d.o.o., Delta Sport Grupa, Autogarant Čačak, Mega d.o.o. Among her coaching clients were managers from international companies Adria Media, Bayer, Pernod Ricard, Actavis, McCann Group, J sport consulting, etc. and numerous clients with whom she is working in her private practice.


Jelena is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Wingwave Coach and “Identity Compass” consultant who applies transactional analysis, NLP and „Principi zivota“ concepts, tools and methodology to help her clients

to be better leaders, stronger organizations, and empowered individuals. Jelena was also trainer for coaching and supervisor for ECA at Coaching Academy 2010, and she is a regular OD&M Consulting associate.

With deep understanding and interest in human behavior and motivation, her favorite topic is coaching (coaching skills, personal coaching, group coaching, competency based coaching, life coaching,

training for coaching, etc). The whole range of her expertise includes also topics of communication,

personal development, people management and development, feedback, leadership, achieving personal

and professional goals.