Salary surveys

OD&M database

  • Have you made the compensation package that will motivate and retain your key employees?
  • Are your base and variable pays in line with the market trends?
  • How do you handle the challenges of the global financial crisis comparing to the market? 


OD&M presents OD&M Compensation survey that will support you in designing the right compensation and benefits scheme for your employees.
OD&M Compensation survey provides:
  • Access to reliable, accurate and high quality market data, including base salary, guaranteed cash allowances and total cash allowances.
  • Total understanding of key remuneration issues
  • Evaluation of the competitive position of each of your remuneration elements
  • Professional support in establishing competitive and cost-effective compensation and benefits adjustments in order to make your packages more attractive


Upon your request, it will be our pleasure to provide you with more detailed information and explanations related to OD&M Compensation survey.