Design the organization and bring on change

Irrespective of features such as size, complexity, structure, today organizations do business in a scenario

of increasingly rapid and abrupt change (market globalization, technology development, evolution of communication patterns, etc.), which consequently requires an evolution towards new forms of organization and new systems to deal with professional profiles and know-how that can support the company’s competitive edge in the market.



We assist our clients in understanding the pattern of change, identifying the evolution strategies most in line with their context of reference, and supporting the change management team throughout the process of implementing the evolution strategies.

We implement projects aimed at continuously improving efficiency and the organization by means of a “low-intrusion” but highly effective approach, which, starting from the business’ needs, allows us to quickly identify any areas of inefficiency in the organization and set up targeted improvement, rationalization and optimization actions.

We provide our clients with solutions and tools to build up and implement a professional profile management system that is consistent and adaptive to the evolution of the business organization.

We implement organizational check-ups aimed at checking consistency and alignment among corporate strategy, macro structure and operation.

Thanks to the ABM methodology, we look for improvement areas with a view to: defining the current workloads; pointing out any resource depletion, inefficiencies, delays, duplicate activities and delineate an

ideal corporate population size; identifying organizational redesign solutions to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

We produce Organizational Manuals by supporting clients in defining job descriptions and organizational charts.

We design and implement Role & Work Force Planning tools to help companies in their medium-term business management, anticipating the ties and opportunities inherent to the corporate strategy.