SLG Thomas


Thomas International is a world leader in creating instruments for assessing candidates for over 30 years. Assessment tools are available in 56 languages in over 60 countries and used by 32,000 companies worldwide.

The three Thomas instruments we distribute are: Thomas Personal Profile Analysis, Thomas Job Profiling and Thomas Team Profile.

These instruments are based on a theory of human consciousness proposed by William Moulton Marston. The PPA determines whether individuals see themselves as responding to workplace situations that they perceive to be favourable or hostile/challenging, and reveals whether their response patterns are active or passive; thus classifying the individual’s behavioural preferences in terms of four domains: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis is an instrument for assessing people’s behavior in the working environment. It is used in the processes of recruitment and selection, training and people development, assessment of employees, development of teams and human resources management.

• Takes max. 12 minutes to complete
• Gives a more reliable picture of the candidate
• Enables more efficient people management
• Provides a possibility to create a large number of different reports such as: Training Needs Analysis, How to Effectively Manage, Management, Sales, Administration and Call Centre Audits and many others

Thomas Job Profiling enables you to quickly and effectively profile the job you are recruiting for/assessing upon. It is used when you need a template for a job into which you place a candidate with the best fit in terms of PPA profile.


• Takes 30-60 minutes to complete
• Provides a template for a job
• An objective view of behavioural characteristics required
• Easy comparison to the PPA

Thomas Team Profile allows the company to identify the ideal team culture; to assess the actual team culture and provide a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit shortfall. It also assesses every team member against the team culture.


• Takes up to 2½ hours to complete
• Increases the performance levels of teams by matching them to the ideal culture needed
• Dramatically reduces the cost of team building by identifying root cause team problems
• Unique in that it takes hours rather than months to assess a team
• Predicts a team's reaction to change and allows organisations to plan change with confidence
• Can be used at any level in an organisation
• Removes subjective team assessments