Our history

From Consulteam to OD&M Consulting: new brand, same passion

From January 2, 2013 OD&M Consulting is the new brand of Consulteam, which specializes in HR Consulting and operates in Italy, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro.
The new brand is the culmination of a process of integration, which began in July 2010, when Consulteam was acquired by Gi Group - an international group in the top 20 staffing companies in the world.
So, new brand and new methods, but the same people and undiminished passion for customers: this makes OD&M Consulting one of the few in the world, able to combine solutions and international approach with well-established local expertise.
Our Vision
To support Organizations in Managing Their People and Bringing Out Their Potential, with innovative and research-based HR products and consulting services.
OD&M Consulting: who we are
OD&M CONSULTING is a unique blend of internationally innovative, flexible and reliable solutions combined with local expertise.
Our competitive edge is reliable and proven ability to quickly respond to the constantly changing demand in the Human Capital Management arena. Our philosophy is hinged on the generation of knowledge, on its innovative application in real projects and on the spread of best cases and best practices by means of publishing tools (Reports and Operating Guides).

The OD&M Consulting Brand

OD&M Consulting was established and developed in the ’90s as a consulting firm specialising in human resource management and enhancement. It was set up by a group of partners with expertise in human resource development, organizational and management system design, knowledge and change management, and in 2000 it launched a new range of web-based services in the area of compensation and incentive systems (CompensationKit). In the following years, it developed solutions and services designed to generate reports and benchmarks in the sphere of HR, and having created a new ad hoc business unit dedicated to online services, OD&M Consulting succeeded in surveying and recording the position of over one million employees in a very short space of time, generating the most important Italian database in the field of compensation.
In 2007, it joined Gi Group, the first Italian group offering dedicated services for labour market development.
After consolidating its know-how, and having become a point of reference for major Italian companies, today OD&M Consulting is an international organization with offices in several European countries.

Thanks to its range of products and services, which stretches to cover the entire career cycle of a person within an organization, OD&M Consulting is proud of its highly complex international activities and partnerships.