Organizational Trust Index

Trust as a competitive factor

According to Gibb (1965), trust is one of the pillars of true and real employee engagement. 
  • favours employee engagement and helps them understand and share corporate decisions,
  • fosters their spirit of initiative, encouraging employees and managers – who delegate more – to take more risks.

Within the organization, trust features two main dimensions:
  • on one hand, an outgoing perspective, i.e. relations with other companies operating in the same industry, with the clients and institutional players populating the market;
  • on the other, an ingoing perspective, i.e. the whole set of relationships that may be established within the organization between an employee and his or her colleagues, between employee and supervisor, between employee and the management, between employee and the company as a system.

OD&M surveys the level of trust within the organization (Trust Index) by means of a questionnaire made up of 38 standard questions investigating 4 dimensions: colleagues, supervisors, management, company.


  • Because trust is the foundation on which organizations can build their future.
  • Because trust engenders the long-term commitment of each and every employee.
  • Because measuring employees’ level of trust shows how much scope there is to bring about organizational and cultural change and innovation.
  • Because in phases of change, trust is the most empowering factor.